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Crust Kingdom Pizza Dough

This is my go-to dough that has come from hours of experimenting with different recipes – taking inspiration from Naples to New York. It makes a versatile dough which works well in the home oven, whether you are cooking in a pan or on a pizza stone.

The best pizzas come from resting the dough for longer times, where fermentation adds deeper flavors and the texture mellows. But this dough works suprisingly well at shorter rise times too – making great pizzas provided it cooks as fast as possible in a very hot oven.

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17 Ways To Use Up Ripe Avocados Before They Go Bad

Avocadoes tend to become overripe overnight, and annoyingly all at the same time. This list has you covered with recipes using avocados ranging from perfectly ripe, to the ones gone a little too far.

The ones which are brown and mushy are best for things like dressings, baking, and smoothies where they are masked by other ingredients, but still have some interesting results.

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Needless to say, sipping on a cold drink is more refreshing and tastes a billion times better than a warm one! But why do we enjoy cracking cold ones and find their warmer counterpart disappointing at best? Does the temperature really affect the flavor of our favorite soda or alcoholic beverage?

There’s fascinating scientific evidence behind why cold drinks taste better and how the temperature affects the flavor. So, read on to learn why cold drinks simply taste better.

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